About Us

Organikaj owns, produces, markets and distributes the fineness of the Mexican culture represented through our premium quality line of food and beverage products, Laya Tequila, Mezcal Ojo Extelar and Barbacoa Barbachona, born in the heart of Mexico. We take pride in the careful craftsmanship and authenticity we achieve to create our products as well as our creative and risk-taking approach.


Organikaj joined the global food and beverage market with the mission to take a very important aspect of the Mexican culture’ s essence and put it in front of the world in the form of its premium quality food and drink.


We have the vision of providing our customers with the most premium quality product of a varied range and become one of the most influential key players of the global market.


We adhere to a moral code of ethics that we believe will maintain our standards to build an internalized framework that is shared and acted by leadership.

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