Our Philosophy


Our growth strategy revolves around brand building, understanding consumer´s needs as well as trade dynamics to increase brand activation while maintaining the quality of our products.



Our platform is built on paying special attention to the relationship between our brand, distributors and final consumers. Our operating model and culture stand for efficiency in agility and responsiveness with a friendly and outgoing approach: we aim to please our consumers' demands while standing as a professional and world-class company for our distributors.


We focus our marketing on connecting with our new and existing consumers in a casual way to allow an organic authenticity with our target audience while taking seriously our obligations to market responsibly and help the end users make informed decisions.


We want society to view alcohol not only as a pleasant and positive activity, but also an in-depth culturally rich exposure; a sensory experience, a moment. Stop time for a second and feel the ancestral knowledge poured into its conception aligned with the present time to create an explosion of flavor bottled in one of the finest spirits on the market.


We strive to identify emerging trends and boldly modernize our brand whenever necessary to maintain our position in competitive and fast-paced environments. This philosophy is a permanently ingrained mission for our business and we are constantly active in our search for new, game-changing products.


We are a primarily a people-driven, consumer-centricsales led organization in which every member understands their role and its importance. We work to deliver an outstanding experience to everyone involved with Organikaj: our products readily available whenever the consumer wants them and on time when our distributors need them.


Brand Building

Success comes as a natural consequence of value creation and our priority is to build a strong foundation of our business with what we do best: spirits with the highest quality, authentic craftsmanship, creativity and a deep understanding of our consumer's demands. We aim to position our brands as beloved, luxurious and iconic in their respective categories.

Consumer Focus

We direct our marketing strategies towards our consumers thus learning where and how to invest. Aware that businesses are expected to do more than great products and experiences, we focus on understanding consumer needs, demands and resistance while recognizing opportunities within different markets to participate profitably in the attractive alcohol industry.

Global Reach

Following the line of thought above, we strive to improve the quality of our route to consumer (RTC), so we remain diligent and restless in our commitment to deliver a professional, friendly and strong relationship with our partners and distributors. We take their trust seriously to further our access to their local markets and look forward to our joint success.

Governance System

A strong, diverse and inclusive governance system with a board of members willing to take risks by encouraging and challenging management topics is an important part of our culture. A solid foundation and the corporate responsibility the system carries is the fundamental key to a highly successful and professional business and we settle for anything less than remarkable.



Organikaj’s community is rich and diverse, present in different social landscapes. Our environment empowers and allows our people to thrive with equal opportunity promoting excellence, respect, and kindness. Greatness can only come from goodness.


Organikaj provides the best possible goods to our consumers and we responsibly choose top-tier, fair and transparent partners aligned with our core values. As such, we offer the highest quality, environmentally aware products sourced from socially responsible origins.

Health and Safety

Our brands are a way to experience a moment of pleasure, joy and flavors whether alone or in sociable occasions. We actively promote the moderate and responsible consumption of our alcohol by adults of legal age. We are proud of our products and we passionately inform our consumers of the dangers of alcohol by misusing it.

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